Climate Change and Water Training

EPA Climate Change Trainings

EPA Local Government Climate Adaptation Training Module 
This EPA online training module aims to help local government officials take actions to increase their communities' resiliency to a changing climate. The 30-minute training illustrates how a changing climate may affect environmental and public health services and describes how communities are adapting to climate-related challenges. Within the training there are links to a number of federal and state resources that can help communities assess their unique climate-related risks.

This page includes a variety of conferences, webinars, workshops, training opportunities and meetings related to climate change and water. The calendar includes opportunities that may be of interest to those involved in addressing climate change impacts on water resources. Note: The events here are not necessarily endorsed by the EPA.

Climate Training for Water Utilities

Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources: Watershed Academy Online Training Module

The online training module, “Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources.? is intended to increase water resource professionals’ understanding of the causes of climate change, its potential impacts on water resources, and the challenges that water resource professionals face. The module also describes how federal, state, tribal, and local governments and communities are working to make the United States more resilient to the impacts of climate. The 45-minute training is part of the EPA Watershed Academy Web certificate program.

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Other Climate Change Trainings

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This NOAA website offers upcoming webinars and workshops on a variety of climate and water topics including research, and climate mitigation and adaptation. These webinars are brought to you by the NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP) and a variety of partners.

This page offers a variety of educational materials for different needs and levels. Here you'll access climate literacy tools and find a calendar of professional development programs. Climate change visuals, videos, demonstrations and interactive tools found here will help train stakeholders using up to date scientific information. 

On the YouTube channel, you'll find a myriad of videos focusing on climate change issues. Videos found here help educate users on why climate change is occurring, and how it influences changes throughout the world. You’ll learn about impacts including temperature, sea level rise and snowpack, as well as topics like energy use, climate forecasting, and decision making. 

This site addresses the land manager's question "What can I do about climate change?" The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) provides information about climate change impacts on forests and other ecosystems, and approaches to adaptation and mitigation. The website compiles and creates educational resources, climate change and carbon tools, video presentations, literature, and briefings on management-relevant topics.
The training courses here can help you acquire the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to manage your climate-related risks and opportunities. All courses are free of charge, and are offered in at least one of three formats: online audio-visual presentations, training webinars, and residence training courses. Each training module is accompanied with a test to help you evaluate your knowledge. These courses feature scientific information adapted from authoritative sources, prepared by recognized subject matter experts. 

This website provides education and training resources to benefit the operational forecaster community, university atmospheric scientists and students, and anyone interested in learning about meteorology. Within the climate topic, there are a variety of trainings which help educate participants on the research, science, effects, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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